Chess King now available on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon!


iPhone/iPad App Store for iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch!

Google Play for Google Play Android devices including tablets, phones, and various other embedded android devices that support Google Play.

Amazon App Store for Amazon Android devices invluding Fire HD, Amazon Fire Phones, and TV devices.


View the comprehensive online tutorial to assist you with the ins and outs of Chess King. Detailed in this section is gameplay info, and instructions on how to optimize your app for an ideal and optimal Chess Experience! View Tutorial Now!

Online Multiplayer

Chess King features online multiplayer capabilities. Now currently supporting Local Multipeer, Google Play Games and Apple Game Center. Not only can you play against the computer, and local multiplayer, but also your friends across Platforms!


Currently supports loading chess notation script files. Since the late 1800's numerous famous games have been recorded and documented in time. Now with over 20 famous games you can see what unique techniques the Chess Grand Masters used!

Beautiful 3D Graphics

The fully adaptable and customizable 3D world is impressive to say the least. You can zoom in, zoom out, pan and pivot through the 3D chess board.

Also included are numerous scenes, and customizable chess pieces and boards. You can toggle 2D/3D modes, change camera angles, and adjust lighting. Almost every aspect of this game can be customized for an optimal experience!

Variants Galore!

Inlcuded are numerous variants including Peasant's Revolt, Displacement, Blitz Chess, Chess960, and countless others for hours of fun!

You can customize the special effects, and countless other idiosyncrasies that makes Chess King the foremost leading chess game out there!


3D Graphics & Chess Engine

Now including the latest and greatest of computer chess engines. The 3D environment features fully customizable camera controls, and state of the art graphics.

Online Multiplayer

If you get tired of playing the chess engine, you can now play with your friends. Collect achievements and rank against your peers on the leaderboards. Now supporting cross platform multiplayer with Google Play Games. Apple Game Center is also supported!

Simulation Mode

Famous chess games from the Chess greats like Bobby Fischer, and Garry Kasparov.

Classical Soundtrack & SFX

Hours of classical music, and intuitive sound effects available in this immersive experience. If you like you may also choose your own music.

Social Media

Share your spoils on Social Media! You can now share your achievements, screenshots and PGN moves on Social Media with a simple click of a button. Also share your games via e-mail with file attachments in PGN format, and text!

Local Multipeer and WiFi Modes

Want to play with your friend next to you? You can easily configure your app to play against your peer using WiFi or local network area connections.

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